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OMFG! [02 Jul 2005|10:21pm]


I can't stand Julie and Emelia. they are these 2 gurls from my old town and i love them to death, but i'm mad @ them. on the last day of school they decided to trick nick so they told him i was FAKE! isn't that retardeD? now nick thinks whenever i IM him or try to talk to him it's one of them. ='(. ahh idk what to do to get nick to think it's really me.


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[17 May 2005|07:37pm]
sexy tom is coming over soon. going 2 shower and get ready for his hottness!!!
<3we are going out btw.
before i go, lemme just say that...

<3, ya.
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haven't written in a while. [06 May 2005|06:28pm]

i haven't written in such a long time.

actually not alot has happened. i am going out with tom now..he is cool, i met him at the "y" in the pool, nicee abbs ;). we havent officaly declared ourselves bf and gf--we are just going out. umm in about 3 weeks i will be in hawaii again learnin to surf. i use 2 know how 2...but that was like 2yrs. ago. uh  last night tersea slept over with pam. it was fun, hah---uh no ma this aint no margrita..that was hilarious. uh we just went shopping and saw alot like love(ugh such a ggooodd movie). we ran into jamie nd kirsten so we all went into vickys and bought a new pair of pj pants. i actually got 2..=D.

well tonight mark is having a party in nyack..guess im going, nothing else 2 do..




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"you can dress me up in dirt" [02 Apr 2005|03:49pm]

How come everytime i find the perfect guy, one i love, something happens and we break up. I hate that, I hate this, and I just can't stand it. If you havent guessed already, me and Brad broke up. I thought I had once again, pieced my life together..started over, but  i guess i shouldnt ever expect that to happen. My tears mix with this rain, I hate today, I hate today.



I had you, but i lost you.

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[28 Mar 2005|02:30pm]

spring break

right now i am in cancun mexico with tanya, mel, kim, and brad. it's been a wild time, and we are now just packing up. if u havent heard, me and brad are going out. i came out here the day after chris's party, and i got to bring 3 friends. brad and i got pretty close @ chris's so he asked me out..i decided to bring him, kim, and mel. its been a wild time.. im gonna update once i get back to the city..but right now im gonna live up the last of whatever spring break there is leefttt..some pix::


me and brad <3!..u gotta love our tee shirts!

kim and brad.."how u doing" haha

mel..being modelish in her lil polka dot bikini hha

me..huge smile..

tanya, nice hat!

all of us.

no pictures-haha..thats hannah and fiona, met them out here.



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chris's was hawt [24 Mar 2005|01:31pm]
that was the most insane party ever.
i'll update later..i just woke up, im still @ chris's. me and brad had sex...omg it was great. gonna go make out with him in brads room..

<3buh eye
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[23 Mar 2005|05:37pm]

my livejournal is hot now. loving the hell out of it.

well my sis's friend is out of the hospital, and is walking!! She was told she would never walk again, I'm so happy. After visiting her today, me and tanya went and picked up jamie..she came with us to go get the last of my furniture for my room, the white love seat. We also got like 3 pink sequined throw pillows for it. looks awesome. Jamie and I are about to head out to a party @ Chris's..one of the guys from hawaii who only lives 2 hours away!! HHA. well my room is like this awesome pink, with white silk, fur(fake), and everything. nice walk in closet, our new apartment is awesome.

i'm kinda regretting the last entry where i said no more guys, no more peter-but im starting to falll...for brad. He is gonna be there tonight, extremly happy. i've missed him soo much-he lives in ct though.



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this one is for u peter. [22 Mar 2005|06:38pm]

i really loved u. not like josh, beyond him or any other love i ever imagined that i cud experience. u didn't care about how i felt, u acted on impulse...i have learned not to do that anymore, i thought about this long and hard, cried-yelled-laughed-and fell back in love with u. in the end, i reliezed guys arent worth it. this the 3rd time i have put myself through all of this. i wasnt ever gonna do it again until i met u. i have fun and make out for a few months, then we break up and i cry.


it's over..

and im starting over-this is the best and most powerful i have ever felt..SINGLE.

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[07 Mar 2005|05:07pm]

Okay so if you haven't heard, Im back in the city. My sisters BFF got in a horrible car accident, she lived-but he boyfriend died. I have been really sad the past week because one stressful thing piled on top of another. First, me and peter broke up. Second, My sisters Caroline got in a car accident. Third, I have moved to a very large pent house. It's alot to go through in a short time. I have to go to Leena's house. I need to just get away from it all..even if its just for an hour. I'll update later.


oh and i got a prez. from liz after she heard me nd peter broke up.


i love you liz!!

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[01 Mar 2005|05:09pm]

i hate livejournal, made a huge post-deleted it ALL.

i'll update later wen i have time.

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i love you~!! [15 Feb 2005|05:47pm]
happpy day after valentines day! yesterday i got a surpriseeeee. peter came to hawaii for the day. he brought the tiffanys palm tree necklace, get it ;)? and he also got me lotsa chocolate and nice cute things. sicne i didnt know that he was coming i ran out while he was in the shower and got him a mastercard gift cardy thing for 300 dollars and a nice box of chocolate. then came back and got ready. we made out for liike an hour than had sex, got ready again. lol..then we went for a pinic on the beach. surprisingly the beach was pretty empty. then we went to the "valentines day spectacular" at my hotel. was soo funn surprisingly. he met all the people i have be chillen with. he loves them all-and they all love him, of course! who cudnt?! then he met brad, they actually got along..both were jealous of the other. then after we shared an ice cream and watched the sunset..aw soo romantic. then went back my hotel room, tanya was out. we had made out, then had sex again</em>!!!! then we watched moulone rouge. i fell asleep in his arms-it was the best! soo then today i have just been going back and fourth from party to party. brad and i have been having sex alot lately. it rocks. peter went back early this morning. brad lives pretty close to me, i love peter though-i do!????
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[15 Feb 2005|05:38pm]
kiss me.

[13 Feb 2005|11:31am]
[ mood | tann ]

Hawaii is beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

i've kept trying to post all the clothes i got from abercrombie, hollister, and pacsun, but it wont let me for some unkown "error"..i probably just put too many clothes, lol. i got like all their skirts, jeans, and tee-shirts..many bikinis from pacsun and vickys. i also ordered some cute dinnner dresses. so ill update about what i have been up to, then at 1 i am going to hang out with some of my friends greg, jennifer, brad, kirsten, melisa, and jake. they are the best! we are gonna beach it for the day then head to allie's party. she is awesome. heres what i am wearing now&to the beach.

 Raisins Brazilian Wave Fixed HalterRaisins Brazilian Wave Belted

and i am gonna wear this to the party.


okay so heres what has been going on:

the 7th was basically my first day here, i unpacked for most of the day and ordered alot of stuff online. then i took a bath!!!!! i never take those anymore, it was soo relaxing. then i went to the beach and tanned for a while. came back up. tanya had been out the whole day shopping, lol. so we decided to order room service and rent some movies around 6ish. ah geeze it was awesome. <3sister sister<3 bonding lol. then around 9 i went for a run along the beach for like 30 minutes. oh man, it was awesome. then i guess i crashed.

the 8th i got out there. i went to this starbucks(starbucks in hawaii, never thought it was real but it is!! Lol). i got a frapacino and a blueberry muffin, and i ate with kristen and jennifer. they are out here for 4 weeks..and this is their 2nd. i was happy i finally met some ppls. so they ended up coming to my rooom so i cud get changed and stuff. then went to theirs. it is only a floor up! pARtY. haha. then we went to the beach and they introduced me to melisa, brad, jake, and greg. so now we all are as close as can be and hang basically everyday. soo we just relaxed on the beach for awhile..me and brad got pretty close-ended up hooking up with him wen he showed me around the beach. haha, well peter says that i can be on a break with him during my vacation so its not cheating guys!!! lol. so brad and i went for a walk along the beach and we made out which i just said lol. then he brought me to his friend chris's party and i met some more ppl like jessey, and carrie. they are awesome, jessey is hot. haah so me and brad went out on the beach for like an hour after and made out. god, he is hot. then went back to kristen and jennifers rooom. ended up staying there that night..=) good times.

the 9th&10th i was sick, disgusting. i cudnt leave the room because i was contagious, boy it sucked-i just went on the computer n rented lotsa movies and shit. tanya made me write an english essay because i havent been doing any school lately and she said it seemed like a pperfect time to do some english because i have nothing to do. lol, then the 10th tanya was out all day with this hottie named dan.

the11th i partyed it up because i was sick for the past 2 days. i woke up around 10 and went for an hour run along the beach..then came back here-showered and changed into a bikini and denimi mini(i think lol). went to brads room and we hooked up, then headed over to greg, and jakes room. i watched big fish there..haha goood movie. then around 1ish we all went to get jennifer and kristen who had been lazy asses and slept until 12, <3u gals. then we all went to the beach and had lotsa fun!! went to this kid vinneys party, he isnt really my friend-he just throws a killer party. met this guy mark there and we hooked up and brad hooked up with  jennifer. kristen met a hottie named will and i think jake&greg made out with these twins jane and ana. they are coool. got home around 1 in the morning, brad took me home-made out for a bit ;).

yesterday i went to starbux at like 8 in the morning. none of my friends were up so i just brought my laptop and talked to ppl. then peter came on and i told him about the guys-he is cool with it. him and ranayee have been pretty close, it's cool because there is a fling, then love and trust. me and peter=love and trust. hotties in hawaii and st. john=fling. soo i ordered another frap, thats basically all u can cuz its mad hot out so who wants a hot coffeee? haa..then around 10 i dropped off my laptop and went for a swim. got changed then at 12 i went to melisa's room. we talked and stuff. was soo fun, then we picked up jennifer and kristen..then greg, jake, and brad. we saw the twins and this gurl briana at the beach so we chilled with them, god am i tan. then tanya told me i had to go to this dinner shit with some designer ppls she knows. wore a gucci dress and these diamond studded stiletos from vickys, soo cute. hah the dinner was iight. after i went for a run..then i stayed over at the twins room with jennifer, kristen, and melisa. was fun-at like 2 we went to some hotties room and hooked up, guess i fell asleep around 4 in the hotties room. woke up there this morning, it was soo fun. well i am back in my room, showering, gettin ready. you know the rest :p. calllll or leave a comment. <3missin everyone, but having sexy fun! haha.




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on the plane.. [06 Feb 2005|06:00pm]

Okay, so if you haven't heard already-im on a plane on my way to..honolulu, hawaii!! i was picked up from leenas at like 6 at night, then went shopping until the stores closed. we just got on the plane, i love tanya.!!! well im kinda bored so im gonna post the clothes and stuff i bought. there is alot so look behind the cut, but first here is the trip. We are gonna stay in hawaii for 2 weeks, then we are going to St. John for another 2 weeks. So tanya told me i could buy as much as i want as long as it is enough for a month, cuz it was a spontanious trip so i wont have time to pack. so i bought lotsa clothes..soo much it was awesome. lol and we juss threw everything we bought into like 10 huge bags and grabbed creme. okay im gonna go find everything i bought-or close to it, im really bored..

<333Collapse )

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at leenas, last night was awesome! [05 Feb 2005|11:53am]
[ mood | hot ]

well everyone except for jamie ending up juss crashing at leenas. i walked over like 20 ppl juss to get to leenas computer..me and peter shared a bed!! ha, well anyway im the only one up besides amber..and im pretty sure she went back to sleep. i juss brought leens Power book over so im gonna update while everyone is asleep.  everyone looked soo awesome last night..and it was a blast. after everyone got here, around 11? the party like officaly got awesome. we put on some mixes and got out some beer. just grinded, drank, talked, and made out the whole night. had some awesome times with everyone, ah then we played strip poker..i got down to my bra and skirt..only a few ppl were totally nekked, but they scuk @ poker haha. then we all got pretty drunk and everyone was basically in their underwear so we played with the naughty dice, i had to lick leens boob, suck marks nipple, caress ambers ass, and tease liss's boobs. lol it was funny. then me and peter had the idea of everyone juss crashing there bcuz it was like 4 in the morning wen the party died don, so its like one big lump in the middle of her living room, dragged outl ike 10 mattreess and like 100 blnkets. haha. i dont have that much of a hang over..gonna go grab a bagel and diet coke or something cuz im hungry-peter juss woke up. yay! gonna go eat w/ him them prob. hook up in leenas room. i think i might crash here tonight again with liss and melz.


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[04 Feb 2005|06:50pm]
[ mood | can't wait for the party!!!!!! ]

today was coool. home schooling is alright i guess. todd moved to long island so me and tanya are back in the city, but we are staying in a hilton until we find a new apartment. hotel life is nice-espically wen we each have our OWN SWEEEEEEEEETS! some hotties here..me and liz went shopping then on the way back from dropping her back in nyack we picked up peter and he came to my room. we hooked up and then went for a walk and got some lindt chocolate. i cant wait for valentines day, anyway we made out in the stairwell on the way up, love to walk so i forgot the elevator. haha was very sexy, then we went back up and tanya said he had to go. liss and melz are coming up in about an hour, liz had to go to her cuzin hadyens batmitsfa. we bought her dress today..its this lacey white thing with a black silk dress under it, so u can c through, its really elegant. we went to tiffanys and go some pearls and shit. once liss n melz get here, we are gonna go to leenas with rachel, hannah, kyle, peter, randy, stephen, kristy, jamie, and mark. having a lil party..some randoms are going as well. should be way too much fun..hah its werid, out of like 100 of my friends, me and liz are the only ones with livejournals..haha well i never write anymore-idk if im gonna keep it. i probably will but w/e.

the cell is always on like usual..give it a ring if u need directions to leenas or an invite. well gonna go get ready because we have to be there by nine..and we arent gonna have time to get ready togheter if we wanna b there by ten. shower, then im gonna wear black juicy zip up, pink cami, and a white hardtail..bye!!!





<me and peter.

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the story. [24 Jan 2005|06:07pm]
okay so for those of u who donno, heres what happened between me and peter. so i slept over his house and then came back to nyack. then around 3ish my mom asked to talk to me and she said she got a  call from peter's mom..sayin that she doesnt want him seeing me anymore. so i went online and his friend chris was on and i asked what happened. and he said peter told everyone that me and him banged and stuff. we didnt that night but somehow his mom belived we did. so i was all pissed at peter and i just called and said "i can;t believe u, we are over" and hung up. so then he told me what happened and we got back together. then i had to go to the vet with the new dog, go to my gpas funeral, and then go apply for homeschoooling..and i juss ran into kyle which didnt go too smoothly. so i didnt call him for awhile or wud hang up if he called. i mean i really cudnt handle it. and everyone was butting in saying we were going to fast, werent serious, he was cheating on my while i was away, and none of the things were true it was just soo much pressure..then i guess u can finsih the story. gtg let creme out!!
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standing in the snow.. [22 Jan 2005|04:45pm]

words cannot explain how great it felt standing in the freezing snow, cryin..just so i can end up in your arms. while i stood there, you were mine, and i was yours-once again. i am so glad that all of this is over..that we can just be in love, without restrictions or people commenting. i love you so much, i can't even tell you..tell you how this feels, how i love it and never want to leave or ruin it. peter you are my endless love, and never shall it fade, because behind the anger and pain, is you with your warm, embracing smile and gentle kiss.                                                                                                                                                                                                                <3                              

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[22 Jan 2005|03:28pm]
omg, me n peter are through..i can't believe that this for real, it is too real-that's the prob/em. i guess it runs in the family, my mom lost her perfect guy, tanya lost her's, and i just lost mine. i lost cookies and the sturdy life i had. i don't have anything-ANYTHING. i hope that me and peter get back together..i can't believe i brokeup with him. i am going to go to his house right now..
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will somebody mend this broken heart? [19 Jan 2005|09:06pm]


i hate this. cookies is dead. RIP, but thank you everyone for making me feel a million times better than if i had delt with this alone. thanks peter, tonight was amazing-im staying over at his house tonight..tanya is still in nyack-im going there 2mrw. I'm being home schooled for about 2 mmonths at the least until we get up and going again. it is very easy. ;). well peter is in the shower-im next..he is like my bff wil advantages =D. his mom aint letting us sleep in the same room so haha..thats a disadvantage. lol, well his fam. is very chill-i love them all, <3peter<3 is the best. the closest i have ever been w/ a guy. this is love, and im loving every minute of it. well he bought me a new dog-puppy, named creme(get it cookies..creme) =p. very cute, its a maltese. adorable. well im gonna go cuddle with the puppy, and then some ;). byeeeeeeeee. <3loveeeeee



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